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Best Websites to Use for Self-Publishing

Technology and the internet have made a lot of traditional media obsolete, or simply just a thing from the past. And one of these is the art of publishing. The beauty of mobile gadgets and social media lies in its power to publish the written word efficiently while reaching as many people as possible from […]

Things to Remember Before Hiring a Book Cover Creator – Self-Publishing Guide

Writing a great book is only the beginning of the journey as an author. Most often the best of authors are not able to get the highlight they need because they haven’t done the right things for people to buy their book. The most important part of a book is the cover. And yes, everyone […]

The Pros and Cons of Digital Publishing – Part 2

In this second part of our blog on digital publishing we will be mostly concentrating on the disadvantages that are connected with this form of publishing compared with the old traditional ways.

Physical Attraction

There is no doubt that some printed formats of magazines are almost like an art form. Fashion and designer magazines are a great […]

The Pros and Cons of Digital Publishing – Part 1

We all know the benefits for fledgling authors to self-publish their first book, but what about established editorials using digital publishing for their main format? With the incredible rise in the internet came also an upsurge in electronic publishing.

Many popular and established periodicals saw a downturn in popularity for their printed format, as more and […]

A History of Publishing – Part 2

In part one of our blog to discover the timeline of publishing we ended with wooden tablets that were covered in wax and written on by a stylus. The next development was a real game changer for printing and it was the invention of paper.

Invention of Paper

The real beginnings of publishing were with the invention […]

A History of Publishing – Part 1

There have been many ground breaking breakthroughs in the world of publishing and the list of historic printing landmarks is long and extensive since the release of the very first printed book back in 808. It was called the Diamond Sultra, and consisted of seven scrolls that were originally printed using wood blocks. It is […]

The Benefits of Self-Publishing – Part 2

The second part of our blog to see the advantages to a writer of self-publishing their own work continues with the benefits of the manuscript having a longer shelf life. In this we mean that your book will have a longer period to try and find its audience.
A Longer Shelf Life
Self-publishing will give your manuscript […]

The Benefits of Self-Publishing – Part 1

What is self-publishing? It is a way for authors to get their work published without going down the traditional route of a book publisher. There are many benefits to the author of pursuing this route, but as with everything there are some drawbacks. Initially self-publication was seen as a desperate measure for those that been […]

How to Start a Publishing Company – Part 2

The second part of our blog on how to start your own publishing company looks at even more tips and advice how to be a success in publishing. In part one we looked at all the issues concerning taking professional advice and what kind of company you should form. And we start this blog with […]

How to Start a Publishing Company – Part 1

Perhaps you have tried your hand at writing and get frustrated trying to get your work published. One way out of this conundrum is to start your own publishing company and publish your work along with any other manuscripts that get sent to you. It is fairly easy to go ahead and self-publish your own […]