Best Websites to Use for Self-Publishing

Technology and the internet have made a lot of traditional media obsolete, or simply just a thing from the past. And one of these is the art of publishing. The beauty of mobile gadgets and social media lies in its power to publish the written word efficiently while reaching as many people as possible from diverse cultures and backgrounds all around the world.

The publishing houses of the past no longer have the sole authority in publishing. Anyone can write and self-publish their material without worrying about sharing and earning from their book’s rights and royalties. Although, it is true that self-publishing could be demanding as you have to handle your own deadlines, editing, and marketing. However, there are several websites and platforms to help you with this task.

  • Lulu

One of the most popular and reviewed self-publishing websites available out there is Lulu. They offer publishing services for printed books, eBooks, calendars, and photo books. You can choose to work on your own or avail of their services for editing, proofreading, formatting, and marketing your book. They also have additional packages and guides to help new writers and self-publishers on their website.

  • Blurb

Similar to Lulu, you can publish in several formats through Blurb such as eBooks, magazines, trade books, and photo books. Although the platform has page limits and offers no avenue for marketing and editing, Blurb has an excellent book formatting software that you can use for a meagre price. They also provide a lot of promos for new users as well as outstanding customer service.

  • Scribd

Scribd is a multipurpose platform. Other than writing and publishing your book through Scribd, you can also read and share books and documents on their website. What sets Scribd apart from the other self-publishing websites out there, is the presence of networking and community. Because you can read the published works of individuals from all around the world, you can both be entertained and educated.

  • Createspace

Similar to Scribd, Createspace is also a multifunctioning website where you can get access to books, music and videos in addition to having essential software for your self-publishing needs in whatever format it may be. The platform is under the Amazon group which could be an advantage if you want to distribute your work via the Kindle store. Other users have also recommended trying out their Print-on-Demand service as they can give you excellent quality every time. 

  • Smashwords

If you are an independent author or you are aspiring to be one, then you might have already heard of Smashwords, one of the biggest online platforms for self-publishing currently available. What is good about this website is that joining is completely free and you can immediately publish your work. With Smashwords, you could have marketing and promotion for your work where you can get up to 80% of its revenues. They also offer writers with publishing guides and other relevant resources.

  • IUniverse

Other than giving you self-publishing tools for your work, you can also find a community in IUniverse. They have a live chat feature where writers can talk about their concerns and give each other friendly advice. As a member, you can also access their author interviews and hear about their success stories with the IUniverse platform. They offer different packages at various prices.