Get Your Book on Amazon Kindle – Here is How

Get Your Book on Amazon Kindle - Here is How
Get Your Book on Amazon Kindle – Here is How

Becoming a published writer was never as easy as it has become now. The digital world has made inroads into almost every aspect of our lives. There was a time when aspiring writers had to go through an ever tiring journey to realize their dream of getting their book published. The publishers had all the power, and the writers had to agree on all kinds of unfair terms and conditions, especially the new writers. But the world has changed now. Traditional publishing is not the only way to showcase your writing talent to the readers. Online publishing has come across as the serious challenger to the traditional publishing houses.

E-books have emerged as the new way of luring the young generation into reading. With several options like audiobooks, attractive themes, and many other choices, e-books are the way forward in reading. The market for online books has increased rapidly in the past few years. The increasing popularity of online reading has shown its impact on the sales of regular books. Not only just reading, but the digital world of books also provide you with the opportunity to publish your own book online. Platforms like Amazon Kindle have made it very easy for aspiring writers to present their work to the global audience. Many writers think that it is very complicated to get your book on Amazon Kindle, but the process is as simple as it can get.

Signing Up And Providing Necessary Information

First of all, go to the Amazon book publishing website. This website is where all the action takes place. Log into your account if you already have an account, or make a new account. You’d see an option for new customer, click on it, and fill the required details. Choose the payment mode option; this option allows you to choose the way you want to get your payment. Most writers accept direct bank account transfer, but Amazon also gives you a check payment option. You also have to provide your necessary tax information to get a writer’s account.

Information About Your Book

After primary and financial information, you’ve to provide the information about your book for your readers. Add the necessary details of your book, like title, language, name of the writers and contributors, and the description of your book. The description is the most crucial part for the readers. The description is what a reader reads before buying a book. It is like pitching your story to the reader. Take time to write an informative and catchy description. Most writers don’t give too much importance to the description, and that’s where they lose a chance to get readers. Writers also get an option to write the crucial keywords to find your book. You can put seven keywords to help readers find your book. After the keywords, fill all other options like the genre, age range, and different categories for your book.

Advance Information

Choose a release date for your book. You can get your book on the online market in about 72 hours if you want. If you need some time, you can choose any releasing date in the next three months. It takes about 0.01 dollars to get one copy of your book published. Upload your manuscript, and wait for three days for Amazon to check. If everything goes right, you might have your book on Amazon in three days. Choose your royalty per cent after that, and you’re good to go.