How to Market a Book – Part 1

You have finally finished what is probably your most creative lifetime achievement so far, you have written a book! But now the really hard part starts when you have to retain your creative juices to try and sell it. Writing a book can take so much out of a person, but it is also a most rewarding activity. And equally it is something that nobody else can take from you, most first-time authors achieve a huge sense of achievement in what they have done. But this can quickly fade if book sales do not match expectation.

The biggest problem with selling copies of your book is how to market it, after all, this is rather a specialized area of expertise and your talents may lay elsewhere, such as writing. In this blog we hope to eradicate your doubts and will give some great tips and ideas on the marketing of your manuscript. You need not have to spend a fortune on your marketing to create a buzz about your book. Think social media, for the most part it is free and more importantly very fast. So we start our first sales pitch with Facebook.


Create a Facebook page that is dedicated to your book, you may not be familiar with how Facebook works and the different nuances that spark interest in others. So you may wish to enlist the help of your kids or a friend that knows how to get the most out of this avenue of social media.

Facebook uses a clever algorithm to make it work and be attractive, you need not know how this algorithm actually works but you have to understand how to feed it with tempting clues to create interest in your page to other Facebook users. Try to join User Groups that are associated with writing, these groups could have hundreds or thousands of members which could also possibly have their own associated groups also. Word about your book could spread like wildfire if you are clever enough.


Twitter is a great form of social media for authors, nearly all independent authors use Twitter and you can soon be engaging with all of them. The interaction on Twitter is instant and a really good way of promoting your manuscript. As it is basically a short form of media, it will encourage you to be precise and witty with your comments and interaction. This will create an aura about you, people are attracted to charming people and tend to read what they write.


Our final social media form to consider in your marketing plan is Instagram. Instagram is perfect for sharing photos and videos with other people. The impact of using something visual to market your work is very powerful. People love visual stimulus, and a picture can paint more than a thousand words. All social media works on impact, your marketing has to stand out from the crowd and a well-constructed video or series of images can really boost your popularity.

Again if photography is not your bag you will have to enlist help, a poor quality video or image will do your marketing campaign more damage than good. In part two of how to popularize your book we look at the different written forms of marketing.