How to Market a Book – Part 2

The second and concluding part of our blog on how to market a book starts with looking at written and printed marketing. In part one we saw how powerful social media can be in your marketing campaign, but there are also other avenues to explore too.

Local Media

Every town or city have their own local media that are dedicated in relaying all that is happening in the community. This could be a local newspaper or radio station, most local media is also online and their news can be seen by the whole world. Writing a book is a big achievement and something that a local media outlet would love to cover. Perhaps phone your local radio station and tell them about yourself and what you have done, you never know they may interview you on air.

Local newspapers and magazines are also really good avenues to spread word about your book. If you start your marketing locally, it could become a small rolling stone that may develop into a large boulder. Your local newspaper and radio station love tales of the community successes, it is a terrific human interest and the more local the better. The readers and listeners also lap up such marketing and your story will be of high interest to your local community.

Reach Out to Book Reviewers

Recommendation is a powerful tool in all walks of life and especially in the book industry. If any of your friends have already purchased your book from an online book seller such as Amazon, get them to leave a positive review.

Book readers are no different to cinema goers or music buyers, they read reviews often before they decide to purchase their next CD or to see the next movie. You can also reach out to magazines and literary periodicals, send copies of your book and hope that they review it in a positive manner, remember the old statement, there is no such thing as bad publicity.


Networking is not the easiest form of marketing, it takes time and is highly personal. Basically, you are selling yourself and for introverts this can be a really hard thing to do. If you do not feel comfortable with networking, enlist the help of an ebullient friend and you can stay in the background. Networking has been proven to make a difference when you are marketing your book so don’t ignore it. Reach out to people on the internet and social media on a personal level, this sometimes is quite embarrassing as nobody likes blowing their own trumpet. But focus on what you are trying to achieve, and that is spreading the word and ultimately greater volumes of book sales.

There are other avenues of marketing that should be considered, these include book signings at your local book stores. Consider offering discounts on your book to kickstart sales. Guest post for other people, it may seem like a conflict of interest but it will keep your name in the public domain, and the blogger you are writing for may have thousands of followers. When marketing your book stay focused on what you are trying to achieve and above all believe in your manuscript.