How to Write and Publish a Book – Part 1

They say everybody has a book inside them just waiting to be written, but many people are not interested by literature or have not got the time to take such an epic task on. Those that wish to make a foray into the literary world are often put off the idea by the sheer complexity of the task.

Where do you start? How do you go about writing a book? And if you actually do succeed in producing a manuscript, how on earth do you set about getting it published?

In this blog we break all the components down into sizable chunks and pass on some invaluable tips on becoming a published author.

Settling Down to Write

Let’s face it, writing a book is a time consuming experience and if you are not disciplined and have a framework to work off of, then it will probably end up a complete disaster. The first thing to bear in mind is not to have too many plates spinning. By this we mean face each task separately and complete the chore before moving on to the next. The first thing you really do need before you write a word or attempt to contact any publishers is to draw a framework of tasks and put time restraints on them. And the first issue that has to be addressed is that of time itself. Try to put deadlines down to work to and this will help you to allocate the appropriate time that you will need.

Sketch Out a Story-line

You probably have an idea of what you want to write about, so the first thing is to sketch out the story-line chapter by chapter. Identify any characters that will appear in the book and start to build a profile on each of them, this will make them more believable to your readers. Make a plot line and interweave the characters into it making them more complex as you progress through your story. You should have an idea how the story will finish, so set platforms of how to reach this conclusion. Map all this down on a sketchpad, it will probably change daily as the story matures.

Set Writing Goals

With the aid of your story planner try to set deadlines for your writing. Writing is like any other work, it needs application and dedication. The best writers start and finish to prescribed times, and keep rigidly to this schedule. Perhaps the goal may be to finish an allocated number of pages a day, or maybe finish a particular theme by a certain time. Allocate time for proof reading your own work, this is more effective if you do it chapter by chapter rather than wait until you complete your book. Your mind is fresher this way and any alterations or amendments are much easier to do at the time rather than in six or twelve months later.

Writing a book is only the first step to getting it published and available in the public domain. In part two of this blog we feature completing the writing and then how to start the publishing process. Marketing your book is also an important part of the public getting to know about it too.