How to Write and Publish a Book – Part 2

The second part of our blog concerning writing a book and getting it published concerns completing your manuscript and looking at ways of getting it published. In part one of the blog we learned how planning is extremely important to your writing and the same philosophy should be taken looking for a publisher, as this can be a task of epic proportions.

Completion of Your Book

The final full stop has been placed on your manuscript and you have completed your book, Wrong! The last words of the final chapter do not indicate that your work is anywhere near finished. Perhaps you may have been copy reading it chapter by chapter for mistakes and errors but that does not mean it is perfect. Re-read your book from cover to cover and feel the flow of the text as a complete story. Note down passages that need amending, then go back to your manuscript for editing. This process should be done separately to spelling, grammar, and punctuation checks, remember spellcheck will not pick up words that mean something else and are incorrect.

Once that you are happy with your work, pass it to friends you can rely on for their opinion. At this stage, be prepared for a writer’s bane, and that is criticism. You must steel yourself for the outcome, be it good or bad, take it on board and react positively to it, let it improve your work and writing talent.

Looking for a Publisher

The manuscript is now finished and now for the next headache, and that is what to do with it? There are different ways of getting your book out in the public domain, the traditional way is to find a publisher who will adjust the text for complicity of electronic and printed formats. Another way that is becoming more and more popular is to self-publish. There are many sites on the internet that will guide you through the process but it does mean extra work. Do not be daunted at this prospect, as if your book succeeds it will mean more money for you.

Traditional Publishing

A traditional publisher is an old established and successful way to get your book both published and into the market. A good publisher can be an invaluable source of knowledge and experience and can help a fledgling author through the literary minefield of publishing.

Perhaps you are wondering how you can find a publisher? Surf the internet for publishing houses the specialize in the genre of what your book is about, contact them and see which ones are interested in your manuscript. Usually the publishers will ask for samples to be sent to them, the first few chapters are the norm.

If the publisher likes the initial samples, they will then ask for the full manuscript and will base their decision on the text. Obviously this all takes time, writing a book is never a quick process so stay patient. If you are successful, the publisher will make an offer on his standard terms and conditions, and in the concluding part of this blog we see what this normally entails.