How to Write and Publish a Book – Part 3

The concluding part of our blog of how to write and get a book published, concentrates on publication and marketing of your book. In part two we touched on the kind of offer a publisher may make and your decision to go with a particular publisher has to be based on such an offer.

Publishing Offers and Fees

Getting your manuscript accepted by a publishing house is a major achievement, but take care to scrutinize the offer fully. The established publishing houses will have a standard offer which they will make to all new writers, as you progress with subsequent books you can demand better terms and conditions. Remember the contracts you sign will be legally binding and therefore you should get the documents thoroughly checked out by somebody who is legally competent. The last thing you want is to sign over all the rights to your hard earned work!

Selling Your Book

Good publishing houses can open up many doors to aid the marketing and selling of your book. Publishers have good relationships with online and high street book sellers, and part of their contract offer will be to give your book access to them. This is invaluable, as you can imagine trying to contact every high street book chain and approaching large corporate online stores in an effort for them to take your book. But although a publisher may have an agreement that such outlets take your book, it does not mean that any marketing will be done.

Marketing Your Book

So, your publisher now has deals in place where people can actually buy your book either electronically or in text. The next step is to market your book and create a demand for it, if nobody knows your book is available then nobody will buy it. Social media is one of the best and cheapest ways of marketing your book, get all your friends to post positive reviews about your book. Join different online literary groups and advertise your own work, use chat rooms and the like, but spread the word near and far.

If you have local bookshops in your town, negotiate a book reading and signing day with them. It will benefit both parties and progressive book shop owners will be happy to do this. Try and liaise with local press to send a photographer or journalist, play on the local author side of things as this is always of interest. Ask your publisher if they are prepared to arrange book signings with any of their contacts, and if they would actively promote your book. Never stop promoting your work, you have come so far it is sad to fall at the last hurdle.

This blog has outlined writing and publishing a book for the very first time, the main thing to remember in this long and drawn out process is those that persevere and keep on fighting are normally the ones who succeed. And above all enjoy your creative outpourings, writing a novel or book should be enjoyable after all and being a published author is something that you can always be very proud of.