The Benefits of Self-Publishing – Part 2

The second part of our blog to see the advantages to a writer of self-publishing their own work continues with the benefits of the manuscript having a longer shelf life. In this we mean that your book will have a longer period to try and find its audience.

A Longer Shelf Life

Self-publishing will give your manuscript a better chance to find its audience and sell more copies. The large publishing houses tend to give new authors less time for their books to stay on the shelves of their associated bookstores.

The average time for a new manuscript to sit on the shelf is only one or two months, then the inventory is changed around for new books coming through. Digital books on the other hand tend to stay on the virtual shelf more or less for ever. And due to the fact that potential buyers can purchase your book by a simple click of a button from the comfort own homes, by putting your manuscript on the internet it can reach a much larger audience for a greater length of time.   

Cons of Self-Publishing

There really are not many cons to self-publishing, but less support has to be one. One of the main drawbacks of it is that for all intents and purposes you are on your own. The big publishing houses can offer a wealth of experience to new writers. In the traditional publishing world things take time, and there is a reason for this. There is a whole editorial team that can be working alongside you, to help proofread for mistakes and give their literary advice on how the plot flows.

The traditional publisher’s editorial team will also copy edit the text, and this is extremely important if the book is non-fictional. There will also be an art department to assist in designing the cover and this is especially important in the case of an e-book, where visually the cover has to be stunning and capture the attention.

Marketing Your Book

Marketing your book is one of the most difficult parts of the whole process, big publishing houses have a plethora of marketing platforms at their disposal. They have already got associations with marketing companies and have the resources to put your book in the public arena.

They can connect with book store chains to arrange book readings, and signings. They can also use their influence to obtain third party endorsements of your text, and this can be a crucial part of getting your book launched. When you publish by yourself, it is key that you have put some money behind you to market the book, time is your biggest friend and also foe here. As your time is normally free, but the time it takes to reach out to other authors and literary groups to market your book can be very exhaustive.

Finally, don’t be afraid of trying the self-publishing route, writing a book in the first place is a wonderful achievement, and if you have managed that it is a fair bet you can also manage to work out how to publish it yourself.