Tips to Getting Professional Reviews for Self-Publishers

Tips to Getting Professional Reviews for Self-Publishers
Tips to Getting Professional Reviews for Self-Publishers

Everyone is online and mobile these days. The number of people who are reading actual physical books is low. The number of reviewers who focus on printing their reviews about the books has also moved the online space as opposed to a time when they would hog the magazines and newspapers. The number of fo people who are reviewing books has also risen, and the kind of people who can review a book is also massive. Publishing houses usually do the big job of getting reviewers to read and post reviews about a book across, websites and other mediums. However, when self-publishing, it can be a daunting task trying to find a reviewer to read the work you have created and review the same for other readers. Unlike publishing houses, it is not common for authors who have a database of reviewers they can contact to review a book and/or pay them for it.

Getting Your Book Reviewed

If you are a self-published author, you have to know where you need to go to get your book’ out there.’ There are no rules that you should follow; in fact, throw these rules you might think are essential when needing to get the exposure your book deserves. Being a sustainable author involves an act where you need to balance your work and fin the advantage you have in the self-publishing industry. The traditional book publishing industry knows the rules of getting reviewers, and you need to understand what these rules are and break them, make new ones or alter them to suit you.

Why These Reviews are Important

Everyone reads reviews to know if their money and time are worth the price of the book. A professional reviewer will ensure that they create the hype of the character in the book and thereby convince the audience that they would relate to the book. You will also find that if you have professional reviewers, review your book; then big bookstores would be willing to sell your book too. Get creative in getting your expert reviews.

Websites like Publishers Weekly, San Francisco Book Review, Midwest Book Review, RT Book Reviews, etc. are great places for you to get started with finding the reviews you need. These sites are both free and also expensive if they are a little well-known. They take about seven to nine weeks to give you the reviews after they have read and formulated a review that counts. Look at spending about $600-$800 on these reviews. The cheaper places cost less, but their reviewers are not the best of the best either.

Other ways to get reviews is to look around websites like amazon or Goodreads for reviewers who are everyday people and who leave glowing reviews on books. These guys are great and would work well for a self-published author. Make sure you send all the details of the book you need to be reviewed like the title, the format, page count, ISBN and other public information about the author of the book. This will help the reviewers to find the book in the right place and leave their reviews accordingly. Also, remember that you might have to send two copies of the books when you do. Be prepared to send both physical and well as digital copies of the books.